Personal Projects: Project BMW 1150

1150LiftRight11150 leak

So a few months back, towards the end of 2015, I was meeting up with a couple of friends for a ride. We were going to take the long way to Harris Ranch for a burger. Our chosen route was to head down 25 and take Coalinga Road, a fun and twisty set of roads, to say the least. I was riding with a Triumph Daytona and a KTM 690 Duke. The 1150 was going to be down on acceleration. So to compensate I was keeping it higher in the revs and hard on the breaks. As we were rolling into the Harris Ranch parking lot the 1150 brakes were feeling a bit mushy. We split up and by the time I got home I needed to pump the brakes to come to a stop.

I get the bike up on a lift. A couple of weeks go by before I can find some time to take a look at it. By now there is nice little puddle of brake fluid on the lift, so it is easy to follow the trail of fluid up the line to the small crack in the stock rubber hose. Here we are in 2016 and it is still sitting on the lift. I have decided to change all of stock line to some steel braided lines. Check back and see how this project is going.